A discussion on whether stimulants should be prescribed for adhd children

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The question of whether or not stimulants should be prescribed for adhd children

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Stimulant Drugs for ADHD

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Should stimulants and anti-depressants be used together for ADHD if my child doesn't have depression? Whether you’re starting ADHD medication for the first time, or switching to a new medication, your doctor should always have a plan for assessing and optimizing the prescription’s effectiveness.

Doctors vary on this, so ask your provider what schedule he or she prefers for follow-up appointments.

ADHD and Behavior Disorders in Children

ADHD and Behavior Disorders in Children Opinions differ on whether stimulants should be used to treat children with ADHD. Proponents argue that stimulants are relatively safe and effective, Discussion Questions. Does ADHD meet the definition of a psychiatric disorder? Most children and adults who take stimulants to treat ADHD respond well to the medications.

WebMD provides an overview of the types of stimulants available to. Stimulants and Nonstimulants for ADHD Stimulants Adderall and Adderall XR (amphetamine mixtures) for treatment of ADHD, and they are prescribed “off-label.” The use of a medication for its approved indi- school, for growth catch-up.

Children and adolescents taking stimulants require close monitoring for growth.

A discussion on whether stimulants should be prescribed for adhd children
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The question of whether or not stimulants should be prescribed for adhd children