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SPACE matrix - Differentiate Your Business. Discuss about the case study Strategic Management and Leadership for Strategy Evaluation. Singapore airline is regarded as a national symbol of Singapore and have its hub at Changi Airport of Singapore.

It is the flag carrier of the country forming a group with several subsidiaries, like SIA.

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There are five matrix which are TOWS, space, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Grand, Internal-External and competitive profile matrix. Most of the matrix evaluation shows that the company is in aggressive strategy level and further analysis shows that the AirAsia must do several strategies which connected with the company’s operation%(13).

Air asia business project of company analysis of air asia berhad is to diagnose and identify every such as solution using the tows matrix. This all content about swot analysis, tows analysis, swot matrix, and tows matrix identifying strength, opportunities, weakness and treats which can be useful for your organization management.

0 Down votes, mark as not useful. The Hour Glass Case Study. Uploaded by Kiran Thomas. Together with their associate companies, Air Asia X, Thai Air Asia, Indonesia Air Asia, Philippines' Air Asia Inc and Air Asia Japan, Air Asia is set to take low-cost flying to an all new high with their belief, "Now Everyone Can Fly".

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Strategic Management and Leadership: Strategy Evaluation