Banking sector of pakistan

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According to the latest Quarterly Performance Review (QPR) of the banking sector for the quarter ended 31st December,released by the State Bank of Pakistan, improving asset quality, stable liquidity, robust solvency and slow pick-up in private sector advances were the key developments during the last quarter of calendar year These days most of the competition examinations have a paper for Financial Awareness or Banking Awareness.

Moreover, candidates appearing in banking interviews and internal promotion exams always look for some easy to understand study material.

Banking in Pakistan

Introduction Banking sector Banking sector in Pakistan possesses a wide spectrum of financial institutions - Commercial banks, specialized banks, national savings schemes, insurance companies, development finance institutions, investment banks, stock exchanges, corporate brokerage houses, leasing companies, discount houses, micro-finance.

Q - What is the Shariah ruling with regards to the purchase of a certain service and then its resale to a client?

For example, if the bank were to pay a contractor to finish a building, and then sell the service to its client by means of murabaha payable in installments? The fact is that 19 of the 21 PSU banks in India reported losses in FY 18 while virtually all private banks & large NBFCs reported profits, although there was a fall in overall profitability.

By Ashwini Anand The Indian banking sector is in deep trouble. No, I am not referring to the 25%% crashes. Banking in Pakistan first formally started in Pakistan during the period of British colonialism in the South Asia.

After independence from British Raj inand the emergence of Pakistan as a country in the globe, the scope of banking in Pakistan has been increasing and expanding unavocenorthernalabama.comon: Federal Board of Revenue, Tax on cash withdrawal.

Banking sector of pakistan
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