Effect of curcumin on periodontis

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Curcumin Side Effects, Safety and Health Warnings

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Curcumin 95 % Powder

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Curcumin induces a protective anti-carcinogenic effect on the gastrointestinal system, reproductive systems, genitourinary system, blood, thymus, brain, pulmonary system, breast, and the bone.

Several epidemiological studies have linked the regular use of curcumin to the lower incidence of prostate, breast, lung, and colon cancers. Jan 25,  · Abstract of EP A novel cystine derivative of a specific structure, such as N,N'-bis(2-hydroxybenzyl)-L-cystine (which may be in any form of free form, salt, solvate and the like) has been found to have an excellent action to suppress the activation of inflammatory factors.


Welcome to Medical News Today. Healthline Media, Inc. would like to process and share personal data The effect of curcumin on the brain-gut axis in rat model of irritable bowel syndrome. Although a range of biological and pharmacological activities of curcumin have been reported, its therapeutic potential for destructive periodontal disease is poorly understood.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study evaluating the effect of curcumin on the modulation of. The study was conducted to evaluate the anti-inflammatory effect of Curcumin by its inhibitory effect on MMP-9 activity, compared to Doxycycline.

The local application of curcumin in conjunction with scaling and root planing have showed improvement in periodontal parameters and has a beneficial effect in patients with chronic periodontitis. KEY WORDS: Curcumin, periodontitis, polymerase chain reaction, scaling and root planing.

Effect of curcumin on periodontis
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