Stroke strategies for primary prevention

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Should Patients Undergo Atrial Fibrillation Screening for Primary Stroke Prevention?

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Heart and Stroke Prevention and Control

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Assessing the Evidence of Aspirin for Primary Prevention in Diabetes

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Secondary Prevention of Stroke Update Module Overview. This Secondary Prevention of Stroke module focuses on management recurrent stroke risk reduction in patients who have experienced an initial stroke or transient ischemic attack. Hawaii’s Plan for the Prevention of Heart Disease and Stroke (the Plan) is the result of the input and commitment of over 70 individuals from diverse organizations, programs and associations that have partnered to address this health issue.

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE - This guideline provides an overview of the evidence on various established and potential stroke risk factors and provides recommendations for the reduction of stroke. Certification is earned by programs or services that may be based within or associated with a health care organization.

For example, a Joint Commission accredited medical center can have Joint Commission certified programs or services within neurological or programs could be within the medical center or in the community.

Ischemic stroke is a prevalent disease with a large burden on the health system. Preventive strategies, therefore, are paramount. Primary prevention is aimed at reducing the risk of stroke .

Stroke strategies for primary prevention
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