Thesis statement for locker searches

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School Searches and Seizure

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The Right to Search Students

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Urban schools hired professional security agents–and later adopted the surveillance cameras, metal detectors, locker searches, and other measures more commonly seen in prisons.

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Based on the given paragraph above regarding school locker searches, the text that shows as a counterclaim to the thesis statement of the author is this: Unfortunately, lockers can become a container for dangerous items that do not belong in a school setting. The.

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As always, you want to state your opinion explicitly in your thesis statement (of course, without saying, “I think that”). As always, you also want to pick a topic that is fairly focused, narrow, and specific: pick a topic that you can adequately discuss in four to five paragraphs.

Professionalism is a more healthy marriage between the uk student makes it easy structure thesis paper to administer, and fairly as you will have a better essay.

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Thesis statement for locker searches
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The Right to Search Students - Educational Leadership